The Mifflin Guard Field Music Fife, Drum and Bugle Corps serves as the primary martial music group for the Mifflin Guard Civil War battalion. Comprised of individuals from the Mifflin Guard member units, these young men strive for excellence in their roles as Civil War era musicians. Activities include playing 18th and 19th century military and popular music on period instruments at dress parades, battle scenarios and in-camp concerts for the entertainment of the troops. In addition, infantrymen who are former field musicians are invited and encouraged to participate with the Mifflin Guard Field Music with the permission of their commanding officer and the Principal Musician.

The minimum age requirement for joining the Mifflin Guard Field Music is 12 years of age and minors must have adult supervision at the events the Field Music attends. Musicians are responsible for their own equipment and for learning their music. Many of these musicians attend various field music schools in order to become more proficient at their craft, whether it be playing the fife, drum or bugle. It is quite impressive to see and hear a Civil War battalion marching in column being led by the stirring sounds of a quality field music corps! For further information on becoming a member of the Mifflin Guard Field Music, please contact

Doug Grunn, Principal Musician at